Occupational Accident Insurance Options


Occupational Accident Insurance


Plan 1A (Highest Limits):  $170.00 Down/monthly

*ONLY Option: Dump Truck, Grain, Auto, Heavy Machinery and Tank Operations*


     Plan 1 (Higher Limits): $146.00 Down/ monthly


Plan 2 (Average Limits): $136.00 Down/monthly


Plan 3 (Lowest Limits): $125.00 Down/monthly



Accidental Death:

  • Principal Sum-The amount given immediately after death.
  • Survivor’s Benefit-1% Amount given monthly

(Example: Plan 3: $125,000=$1,250.00 monthly for 8 ½ years)


                Accident Dismemberment:

  • Must occur within 365 days of original claim

(Paid like survivor’s benefit)


          Temporary Total Disability:

  • Disable within 90 days waits 7 days to start receiving benefits


                Continuous Total Disability:

  • Begins after Maximum benefit period of Temporary Total Disability
  • Permanent disability


                Accident Medical Expense:

  • Injury coverage






EXCLUDED: Hazardous materials, livestock, moving/storage operations, logging/lumber, mobile home, garbage, oilfield and couriers of any kind.

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